Internet-Connected Vehicles Open Doors For Hackers

Alan’s Collision Center recently posted a blog on a trending news story relating to the hacking of a 2015 Jeep with Harmon Kardon infotainment unit. Turns out, Co-Owner Dennis Winokur was driving his new Jeep when he was informed that his Harmon Kardon entertainment unit was subject to hacking.

Currently, Dennis is waiting for a letter and then a security patch to close the window for hackers to take control of brakes, windshield wipers, gas pedal, radio volume, and steering.

Hackers alerted Fiat-Chrysler in October 2014 they were testing their ability to hack into the Jeep. The hackers, known by name, publicly shared results of their test on video, and now more drivers are fully aware of the flaws with the Harmon-Kardon unit.

Other vehicles are also at risk according to this Newsy report. More vehicles just coming off the line are equipped with the latest in Internet technology. Peoples’ smartphones can now be synched to the infotainment units and SMS messages and emails can be visible in the car.

The Chevrolet 2013 was recently hacked via a device used frequently by insurance companies to monitor location of the vehicle in the event of theft.

Internet-Connected Vehicles

  • People buying new cars, SUVs and even trucks want the latest in Internet technology in their brand new vehicles.
  • Do not program your vehicle to accept text messages! Besides, do you want everyone in the car to read your personal text message?
  • Do not read your email on the car infotainment unit while you are driving! Each state has laws about distracted driving. While these laws don’t apply to emails on 8.2-inch automobile screens…yet…it’s common sense to be highly aware that reading emails while driving is a major distraction.

Your Safety

As vehicles evolve so too do collision repair centers. Each of the auto body shops that are certified and offer excellent customer service and high-quality auto body repair like Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia will invest in the latest equipment and training to remain abreast of manufacturing innovation.

As a driver, it’s up to you to ensure that your safety and that of others on the roadways comes first. Answering the phone, reading a text message, switching stations on the radio, or getting emails to scroll through into your vehicle are all dangerous and a huge distraction.

There’s nothing we as individuals can do about Internet connected vehicles except to remain vigilant while on the roads and to keep everyone safe by using good driving practice.