Meet the Alan’s Collision Team

Owner Dennis Winokur

I am Dennis Winokur, and I have owned Alan’s Collision Center since 1975. While in high school I started working at a gas station to earn money for my first car. I realized that I had some mechanical ability. I attended Temple University for business marketing and also General Motors Institute to get certified. I met my partner, Bob, when he worked for Allstate Insurance.

He taught me about collision repair and estimating.

I appreciate every customer who has chosen Alan’s Collision for his or her vehicle repair. I am most grateful for our qualified team of technicians who make Alans Collision Center the best and most highly acclaimed shop in the region. I am most proud of our manufacturer certifications and recognition in Mercedes-Benz and Ford for the Aluminum Ford F-150. We’re the only auto body repair business in Philadelphia with these acknowledgements.

Partner Robert Neisser

My partner at Alan’s Collision is Bob Neisser. As mentioned, he mentored me in auto collision repair and taught me the ropes in how to estimate claims. Without Bob, Alan’s Collision would not be the high-quality auto-body repair shop it is today. We’ve been in business a long while, and it’s a partnership built on solid ground for our future.

General Manager Jim Pfau

I’d like to introduce you to Jim Pfau. He’s been general manager since 2011 at Alan’s Collision. He came from the dealership side of the business where he managed service teams in auto-body repair and automotive services. Jim has won many awards for his ability to turn poorly functioning auto-body shops into profitable centers where customer satisfaction drives success.

While growing up, Jim worked with his dad servicing vehicles for Procter and Gamble employees – dad did the bodywork, and Jim did the mechanical side of the cars.

Jim brings extensive training in servicing Acura, General Motors, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Oldsmobile, Mazda, Hyundai, and Toyota vehicles. He has worked on all sides of the business from the ground floor up and knows collision repair and auto mechanics like the back of his hand.

Jim and I share a secret passion. We own a handful of classic cars between us, and we will work on vintage automobiles when someone has a need. So, if you have a vintage car and it needs some TLC, you know where to bring it!

Head Body/Metal Man & Head Painter: Mike and Steve

Mike and Steve, twin brothers, started with Alan’s Collision directly out of high school as their first jobs. They have stayed at the shop for 35 years, and they are the reason why Alan’s Collision delivers quality every day to its customers.

Qualified Technicians

Alan’s Collision has a team of highly qualified technicians certified in many aspects of auto-body repair. I am so appreciative of the men working with us for an average of 20 years. In particular, I’d like to introduce you to several dependable guys who make sure you receive the best workmanship for your vehicle.

Body Technicians: Mike, Vidal and Kevin


Painters and Detailing: Dan, Mark, Bob and Steve


Office Manager and Billing & Invoice: Traci

Traci Freed-Najbrt has been in the collision repair industry since 2006. She brings many years of experience from a variety of positions at collision repair centers around Pennsylvania. Before coming to Alan’s Collision Center, Traci worked at Sussman Honda Collision as an estimator, and prior to that she was office manager at several other auto body repair businesses. Currently, Traci works alongside General Manager Jim Pfau to help with business operations, and she is also responsible for collision repair estimating. She has an associates degree from Temple University in horticulture, and she also learned more about the collision repair industry at Vale Training Solutions.


Mechanical and Assembly Tech: John & Mechanic: Walt


Mechanical and Assembly Tech: John & Mechanic: Walt


Shelley has been with Alan’s Collision Center for many years. She is the glue that holds the business together and manages schedules, invoices, payables, accounting, and much more.