Aluminum Tool Kit
Alan’s Collision Center repairs aluminum and steel vehicles. This is a special tool kit used only for aluminum auto body repair.

Auto body repair equipment is a critical investment at Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia. Our collision repair center has very high standards when it comes to our auto body repair equipment. We conform to environmental standards and that means our auto body repair equipment has to meet manufacturers’ guidelines. We invest in the proper equipment as required by your vehicle’s manufacturer so we can repair your vehicle properly.

Alan’s Collision Center is the only Philadelphia certified Mercedes-Benz auto body repair business. We recently invested in a Car Bench for repair of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  We are one of the only Philadelphia collision repair businesses recognized to repair the aluminum Ford F-150 and F-250. Alan’s Collision Center repairs steel and aluminum vehicles.

Manufacturers are retooling vehicles every year to keep up with technology and consumer demands. As an auto body repair business, we are required to update our equipment at the same time so we stay ahead of technology and manufacturers’ changes, too.

The auto body repair equipment we purchase and maintain is very expensive, but that does not stop Alan’s Collision Center from continuing to invest in our business so we can deliver skilled craftsmanship in the vehicles we repair. We focus on training with the right equipment so we can deliver the best-quality auto body repair services to you. We want  you safe when you leave our business.


Alan’s Collision Center invested in a new Car Bench for auto body repair for Mercedes-Benz vehicles.


Alan’s Collision Center works on Mercedes-Benz vehicles with this Car Bench work cart with tools for auto body repair.


This dust and fume extractor is important in collision repair as a vacuum for aluminum particles and when welding.

Alan’s Collision Center Auto Body Repair Equipment Inventory

  • Measuring System – We updated our measuring system in 2015 with a Chief Laser Lock. This equipment is the backbone of the collision repair. It gives us the ability to electronically measure the damaged area back to manufacturer specifications. This equipment is something many shops do not update.
  • MIG Brazing/Aluminum Pulse Welder – This electronic welder is a luxury that many shops do not invest in. Alan’s Collision Center follows manufacturer requirements and utilizes the proper welding technique for your specific vehicle.
  • Spot Welder (resistance welder) – This welder restores the robotic welds made at the factory. This is necessary so your vehicle can be restored to factory specifications, just like the manufacturer intended.
  • Down Draft Spray Booth – We maintain our booth monthly by changing the filters and lining the walls with a film. This prevents dirt in the paint and allows the lighting to stay crisp.
  • Paint Prep Deck – This is a smaller version of our spray booth and helps keep the smaller jobs rolling quickly through our shop.
  • Clean Room – This is a dedicated clean room for repair of aluminum vehicles. Steel and aluminum must be kept separate during auto body repair. If metal dust from the shop gets on raw aluminum it will cause a corrosion process in the vehicle being repaired.
  • Dust and Fume Extractor – This is required during the repair of aluminum vehicles like the aluminum Ford F-150 and Ford F-250. The extractor contains liquid and vacuums aluminum particulates during collision repair. Aluminum dust is explosive. It is also important to use when welding to extract damaging fumes from the area.

Alan’s Collision Uses Axalta Coatings

Alan’s Collision Center uses high quality coatings and finishes in collision repair. Recently, Alan’s Collision switched to a new solution provider to deliver Axalta Coatings, managed by auto industry jobber Till Paint. The new supply chain partnership with Alan’s Collision, Axalta Coatings and Till Paint ensures that customer service is always first at Alan’s Collision Center.


Jobber Till Paint’s Mike Ross with Alan’s Collision Center’s General Manager Jim Pfau with the Axalta Coatings installation.


Mike Ross of Till Paint and General Manager Jim Pfau of Alan’s Collision Center look at Axalta Coatings products.


Alan’s Collision Center recently installed Axalta Coatings for auto body repair.

Let Alan’s Collision Center manage your auto body repair. We have earned I-CAR Gold Class status, the highest industry rating for auto body repair in NE Philadelphia.