Ford F-150 Aluminum Auto Body Repair

Alan’s Collision Center Aluminum Ford F-150 Auto Body Repair Program

Alan’s Collision Center is based in NE Philadelphia. Because of its high-quality collision repair, this auto body service is the only Ford recognized collision repair shop for the aluminum Ford F-150 IN Philadelphia! Click here to view our repair video.

(Not to mention, Alan’s Collision Center is the only certified Mercedes-Benz auto body repair shop in Philadelphia, too.)

Both of these acknowledgments by two powerful auto manufacturers suggest that when/if your vehicle requires collision repair, you can trust that the team at Alan’s Collision Center is the right one for you.

Before you place repair of your aluminum Ford F-150 with an auto body repair service, there are a variety of facts you need to check out to ensure that the collision center has the expertise to do a high-quality job for you. You can take a look at this article we wrote about learning more about the auto body repair business you select.

Aluminum Auto Body Repair Basic Needs

Dedicated Clean Room

The number-one fact about aluminum auto body repair vs. steel is that the two particulates cannot mix. It is imperative that the collision center has a dedicated clean room for aluminum repair. Here is a photo of that very room at Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philly.


New and Exclusive Tools

It goes without saying…if aluminum collision repair is done right, there must be a set of new tools used exclusively for that type of repair job. Alan’s Collision Center invested in the following new tools used only for aluminum auto body

<b>New Aluminum Tools</b>
New Aluminum Tools
<b>Air Exchanger</b>
Air Exchanger
<b>MIG Welder</b>
MIG Welder
<b>Rivet Gun</b>
Rivet Gun

I-CAR Team Training

In the auto body repair industry, I-CAR is the professional standard. Alan’s Collision Center invests in training for its technicians and has reached I-CAR Gold status. Jim Pfau, general manager of Alan’s Collision, invited I-CAR to the business to help ensure accuracy with Ford F-150 aluminum auto body repair.


How to Repair Aluminum Ford F-150

Alan’s Collision received a damaged Ford F-150 on a flatbed tow truck from another collision center that didn’t have the right equipment to separate aluminum and steel repairs.

With the vehicle in the clean room, the repair process begins by removing all of the damaged outer panels using a rivet gun.

As Alan’s Collision’s technicians work on the vehicle, the interior is covered to protect the inside. The technician removed the structurally damaged part on the right uniside

When conducting repairs of the Ford F-150, it is important to review Ford recommended procedures from its repair guidelines. Every manufacturer has guidelines for repair of their respective vehicles.


In this image, the technician followed Ford recommended guidelines for sectioning plates one and two.

To help improve structural rigidity of the vehicle, Ford guidelines suggest sliding a plate under the existing panel and welding to ensure structural integrity.


There are special coated rivets required for the aluminum Ford F-150, and these are a special purchase from Ford. No collision center can ignore the fact that the rivets are critical in this type of repair. Rivets are coated and special purchase from Ford.

The welding seam is also a special skill for a repair technician. Pictured here are the seam and the smooth grinded surface of the welded seam.


After the repairs are complete, the panel is installed. Adhesive and blind rivets are used to finish the repairs.


The vehicle is returned to its owner after a high-quality Ford F-150 aluminum auto body repair by Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia.