Aluminium Ford F-150 Collision Repair

My thoughts on the Aluminum Ford F-150
This has been a very educational repair. We replaced the right bed side, outer wheel house, front panel of bed and the right side Aperture panel. I leaned on I-CAR and People like Larry Montanez for input. Everyone was very quick to give me input and I would like to thank my colleagues.
Here are a few things I learned. In order to properly repair this vehicle it takes a huge investment back into the shop. The equipment costs me around $50,000 and training was roughly $2,000. The dedicated curtained clean room, Welder, Rivet gun, Air exchanger and training must go into the Hourly door rate we need to charge.

The insurance company’s do not want to pay an Aluminum rate for structurally bonded or riveted parts.
This will be a focal point going forward and customer awareness is going to be key. The repair is straight forward like steel but it is the expense and understanding of Aluminum requirements I fear. I can see how shops will mis-repair this truck and how insurance companies will try and muscle us.
This truck came from a quality collision shop that put their hands up for help. They did not have the tools or training to handle the repair. It was sublet to us for the Aluminum work only. I can see this being the case more and more but only by shops that are quality driven. Unqualified shops will just fix it in the middle of a shop with contaminated tools and a Mig spool gun. Thanks for viewing the posts and feel free to ask questions…. Jim