Should You Pay For A Remote Auto Body Repair Estimate?

Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia has been in business since 1975. As the only certified Mercedes-Benz collision repair center in Philadelphia, our auto body repair shop is highly qualified and ethical.

We are a non-DRP auto body repair shop, and that means we fight for the consumer. We want our customers to receive correct estimates for collision repair after we look at your vehicle.

The auto body repair estimate we write is correct. In fact, we take the time you need to understand the estimate from top to bottom. When writing auto body repair estimates, Alan’s Collision needs you to be in full understanding of what our skilled tradesmen will do to repair your vehicle.

Remote Auto Body Repair Estimate: Yes Or No?

Have you ever heard of a ‘remote’ auto body repair estimate? Recently, it came to our attention that an auto body repair shop in Philadelphia is charging customers $19.99 for a remote auto body repair estimate.

We think this practice is bogus! Don’t pay it and don’t get hooked into paying it!

Here’s what we found:

1. You pay $19.99 online
2. You send photographs of your vehicle to the auto body repair shop
3. The collision center reviews your photographs
4. A best-guess auto body repair estimate is returned to you

This auto body repair shop is asking you to pay for a service that should be FREE! It is a service that should be part of doing business!

Alan’s Collision Center prefers to physically inspect a vehicle to understand what’s underneath the dent or cracked bumper. No image sent online to a repair shop will capture what’s underneath vehicle damage.

Get Proper Auto Body Repair Estimate

Here’s what we recommend at Alan’s Collision Center:

1. If your vehicle is not driveable, then contact us or our 24/7 towing company
2. Get your car to our shop, and we will inspect it
3. We will review your insurance policy to understand your deductible, whether we can use OEM (original) parts for repair, and other items important to your claim
4. We will write an auto body repair estimate and review it line by line with you
5. You can confer with your insurance agent and discuss our claim.
6. Once we get the job approved, we will keep you informed over time about progress. If you want photos taken along the way, we can show you work progress during the time we are repairing your vehicle.

Let Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia repair your vehicle. We don’t stand for unethical business practice. We also want your auto body repair estimate to be accurate and understandable.