Auto Body Repair Insurance Estimate Video Review

Auto Body Jim has posted a YouTube video about auto body repair insurance estimates and what you need to look for when reviewing yours.

A new collision repair estimate was written today for a vehicle that came into Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia. The insurance company wrote its estimate; Alan’s Collision Center’s estimating department wrote its estimate, and upon comparing the two errors were found and highlighted in this video below.

Every collision center writes up its auto body repair estimate and compares it to the auto body repair estimate of the insurance company. In fact, there are three estimates — one for the collision repair center, one for the insurance company and the industry standard software from CCC ONE that all certified auto repair shops use.

In this video below, Auto Body Jim shares his review of a brand new Alan’s Collision Center repair job.

Auto Body Repair Insurance Estimate Review

  • Always look for a symbol that looks like two triangles facing each other. The symbol consists of two greater than or less than symbols facing each other. When you see ‘< >’ that means your estimate has already been reduced 7/10, and the rest of the estimate is suspect and reviewed for other faulty figures.
  • Watch for areas on the estimate where time is docked with a negative symbol. Perhaps the collision repair shop is being given one less hour to repair the vehicle. In this estimate example (for an actual vehicle), it shows up as one less hour to repair a bumper.
  • The cost of labor being paid is below the refinish time for the Alan’s Collision Center coverage area.

Video: Auto Body Repair Insurance Estimate

Auto Body Jim is creating short videos to help consumers understand what happens when a vehicle undergoes collision repairs. The first day after an auto is delivered to a collision repair center is the most critical for the owner as the auto insurance company and the auto body repair shop negotiate the claim, the repairs, the cost, and a supplement to cover final repairs.