Mercedes-Benz Auto Body Repair And Gaskets

When Mercedes-Benz auto body repair includes engine repair that means there are two sets of experts working on your car. You get the mechanics who repair under the hood and pay close attention to the engine. And, you also get the Mercedes-Benz auto body repair team.

Just like our team at Alan’s Collision, we repair the outside of the vehicle while the engine-repair mechanics work under the hood. We work closely with Mercedes-Benz of Fort Washington in NE Philadelphia.

When there’s an accident, Alan’s Collision gets the vehicle first to repair the auto body. Once the body work is complete, the mechanics take over. They’re going to look at several gaskets to ensure you get a smooth-running vehicle when the collision repair and engine repair are complete.

What To Know About Engine Gaskets

When there’s a head gasket failure your vehicle is highly likely to have high mileage. Here are symptoms of head gasket failure:

  • When you start your vehicle in the morning, the engine may be rough. This may last a few seconds.
  • There may be a mixture of engine coolant with engine oil from a leading head gasket, and this causes fluid levels to rise and appear milky.
  • Have you ever seen white smoke out of someone’s tail pipe with a horrible odor? This occurs because of a failed head gasket!

Work With A Trusted Mercedes-Benz Auto Body Repair Team and Mechanic

Any time there’s a head gasket failure, be prepared for repair of cooling system components like hoses, water pump, radiator, thermostat, etc. The other parts required are engine oil, oil drain plug gasket, oil filter, coolant, head gasket set and gasket sealer.

Cost of Head Gasket Repair

Estimates for head gasket repair by suggest a high range of $3,048 including parts and labor. At Alan’s Collision Center we estimate auto body repairs using CCC One, the industry standard for collision repair estimating software.

Intake Manifold Gasket Replacement

If your engine misfires, is idling rough and the check engine light turns on, one concern may be the intake manifold gasket. Damage to an intake manifold gasket may be the source of a vacuum leak or engine coolant leak. Sometimes, intake manifolds are made of plastic, and this means it should be replaced along with intake gaskets due to pitting. Your car may need an upper and lower intake manifold gasket. Be sure to ask your mechanic before a repair whether you’re being charged for the upper, lower or both!

According to, this job should be under $500, and that depends on a variety of other factors including the extent of damage to other parts of the vehicle, too. As we said, trust your mechanic and trust the auto body repair shop you select.

Valve Cover Gasket(s) Replacement (Both Sides)

Leaking oil in and around an engine is easy to spot because of drips under a vehicle or burning odors from under the hood. When a valve cover gasket needs to be replaced, it leaks oil. If it’s not fixed soon, belts and hoses and other engine components may be at risk, too.
For any auto body repair, the choice to use high-quality repair parts is important. When you use high-quality valve cover gaskets, there is a great chance of reducing recurring leaks and more repairs. One suggestion is to replace spark plug tube seals and grommets when a valve cover gasket is being replaced.

If you’re in for a valve cover gasket repair, expect to pay around $1300, according to This is only a ballpark figure because there are many factors that go into auto mechanic estimates.

Learning About 3 Gaskets

In this blog post, we reviewed the three gaskets that are important to the smooth running and idling of vehicle engines. You learned about:

  • Head Gaskets
  • Intake Manifold Gaskets
  • Valve Cover Gaskets

At Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia, we are the only certified Mercedes-Benz auto repair center in Philadelphia. That means we invested in strict training guidelines to ensure that our team is trained according to industry standards. We are I-CAR Gold Certified. When you come into Alan’s Collision Center for a Mercedes-Benz auto body repair, we will take excellent care of you and your vehicle. Our standards and ethics in business, auto repair and customer service are the core of our business principles.