Alan’s Collision Center Is A Non-Direct Repair Program

A non-direct repair program auto body shop is one that is not aligned within an insurance company network. Alan’s Collision in NE Philadelphia is one such collision center, and that means consumer rights come first.

When you need to select an auto body repair shop for your vehicle, it’s important to know the difference between a direct repair program (DRP) shop versus a non-direct repair program auto body shop.

Customers rarely know where to take a vehicle for collision repair. Many people think they need three estimates from auto body centers before an insurance company will reimburse, and this is not true. Others believe that they must take their car wherever their insurance company directs them. We’ll share some basics about direct-repair programs versus non-direct repair programs.

What is a Direct Repair Program

When auto insurance companies sell insurance via agents and brokers, there is an entire network of ‘preferred’ vendors associated with the insurance company. When you buy auto insurance from mega insurance companies the likes of Allstate, State Farm or Progressive, it is expected that they have their own network of preferred auto body repair shops.

Those collision centers that are in the auto insurance network are labeled as a direct repair program (DRP) auto body shop. Imagine who the DRP shop puts first on the satisfaction scale — yes, you guessed it, not the consumer.

Here’s where the insurance company benefits from a DRP:

  • There are discounts and free services like detailing and storage
  • Referrals are directed to the participating auto body repair shops.

In spite of these benefits, you are not obligated to have your vehicle repaired at a DRP shop. You don’t even have to go to a DRP shop for an estimate even if your insurance company recommends it. If you have no idea where to take your car for collision repair, get the recommendation from the insurance company but ask whether it is a DRP shop. Regardless of which auto body repair shop you select, and we hope you choose Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia, your insurance company must pay for the repairs — pursuant to your insurance policy, of course.

Select Alan’s Collision Center, a Non-Direct Repair Program

Since 1975, Alan’s Collision Center has been an independent auto body repair shop that is non-direct repair. We always fight for the consumer first, and put our high-quality ethical standards at the forefront of the auto body repair services we deliver.

  • Throughout your collision repair, Alan’s Collision Center communicates each step of the repair process. If you want images of your repair, we take them. If you want to come in and see the progress yourself, we will show you.
  • Alan’s Collision is I-CAR Gold trained. Each of our technicians is trained in the highest standards of collision repair, and we transfer this expertise to our customers.
  • When you come in, we review your auto insurance policy to ensure we can repair your vehicle with high-quality OEM (original equipment) parts (rather than salvaged parts).
  • Our auto body repair center is equipped with the latest technology and equipment. We continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and the best trained technicians.
  • We offer each of our customers lifetime warranty on the repair of their vehicle, as long as no other collision repair has been done on the car.

Alan’s Collision invites you to stop into our auto body repair center in NE Philadelphia.