Pros And Cons Of DRP Auto Body Repair

There are pros and cons of DRP auto body repair, and when customers weigh in, the opinions are strong. Clearly, there are two sides of the fence when it comes to Direct Repair Program (DRP) auto body repair, and it resembles the U.S. Congress – with one side of the aisle attempting to out shout the other.

Alan’s Collision Center is a non-DRP auto body repair service. What that means is the collision center has no connections to insurance companies. Alan’s Collision Center is not in any insurance company pocket. The collision center prefers to represent the customer to ensure that the best auto body repair services are delivered in the highest quality and in the most expedient fashion. Alan’s Collision Center has been around since 1975 and is owned and operated by long-time experts in the industry. They want to represent the customer and not cut any corners in auto body repair.

This video, below, from Pack Brothers and Collision Safety Consultants has prompted such a litany of pros and cons and strong opinions about DRP auto body repair that we had to share the varying thoughts from those who left comments on this YouTube video.

Pros and Cons of DRP Auto Body Repair

Typically, those who are in support of insurance networks for auto body repair work with such a body shop or represent an insurance company that sends more business to such a body shop (and also has a finger in the pie of the repair).

Here are some of the comments in support of insurance networks for auto body repair. These are unedited and original comments from people who watched the video:

  • Insurance companies are cheap (edited). And there’s body shops that don’t give a shit about their work or the customers cars . I forget exactly what country it was but they have a great system. The body shop can’t open unless they are ASE certified. The owner of the shop has to have shop experience and a license to insure he’s got a good steady record And the insurance companies sent out their guys to the shop to see exactly what’s being removed and what’s being repaired and then pay exactly what the shop owner or manger needs to get the vehicle repaired not only to look like it did before the accident but more importantly to be safe.
  • Both the shops doing the inferior repair and the insurance company pushing for cost control and lowered cycle time. When shops do repairs like this, the insurance company, much more often than not, looks the other way. Unless someone is killed, they honestly couldn’t care less because there is no real financial repercussions to them. They simply refer the customer back to the shop to fix it again, pay another shop to fix the problem and charge the original repair shop for the corrective repair, or total the car and charge the original shop back for the work done. It doesn’t really cost the insurance company anything more than it would have if the car was fixed correctly or totaled from the beginning. There needs to be accountability place on not only the repair shop, but the insurance company that endorses them. Start mandating big fines against insurance companies when one of their preferred shops cuts corners and all of a sudden, there will be far less drp shops and the focus will shift from cheap to correct repairs. Until it starts cutting into profit margins enough that it makes more financial sense to pay more to fix it right than the cost saving from the current drp model, it will never change.
  • Do not blame the techs. Most body shop owners care about one thing , the bottom line. If the shops maintain their satisfaction rating insurance companies don’t care. Very few people actually check on the repairs being done to their vehicle. My advice, pay the shop a few visits while repairs are underway and demand oem parts !!!
  • I used to do body repairs it shocking what some body shops do I’ve seen dozens go out without being checked for faults and many I wouldn’t accept, when my wife had an accident 3 years ago we took our car to the insurance recommended body shop I asked to speak to the body shop manager, I clearly said to him any fault I will find as I worked in a body shop and guess what I found faults but not major faults just a bit of paint correction needed, since the accident i have used them again for some private work and guess what I get flawless work from them now. The trouble with most body shops from major insurance companies everything is timed so you take your car in with a front end damage assessor then says this car will need 15 hours to fix imo this is wrong as it leads to mistakes being made my advice if your car is ever damaged and you’re unsure of the quality from the body shop you have been told to take it to ask to see other cars they have repaired waiting for customer collection…
  • State Farm recommended shop owners are all freemasons working together screwing customers and non recommended shops.its like new world order of autobody repair look on you tube bill cooper mystery Babylon series. Unbelievable level of scum in big corporations.
    Greedy insurance companies are the problem, not the body shop. Get you car fixed wherever you want, if the insurance company won’t pay the full amount then sue the person who hit your car for the difference.
  • If you Google “Pack Brothers” one of the first suggestions is “Pack Brothers Lawsuits.” I wouldn’t trust anyone from this shop if my life depended on it. They’re just suit happy people looking to get rich by suing insurance companies. Disgraceful.
    So why the insurance is to blame for? The insurance did not fix the car. The shop did and it was the shop who took the short cuts
  • The insurance companies tell the shop what they will cover.. Only cover.. I’ll say it again. They tell the body shop what they will cover.. They bank on their clients inexperience with repairs to their vehicles and that the client won’t keep their car for more than four years. An insurance appraiser, usually with NO experience working in a body repair shop, tells the shop management that it only takes this and that to fix the damaged vehicle and thats all the insurance is going to cover.. It’s wrong.
  • Billy, I love what you are doing here….but let’s make sure our statements are ALL completely factual when we are arguing about safety. I agree this is a completely unsafe vehicle. The front bumper reinforcement being the biggest offense. But let’s say what leaving this bumper reinforcement on this car will really do and not make sensational comments like the “motor will get shoved back into the front seats”, that are not factual. Sensationalizing anything with statements that are not 100% factual damages our credibility and these type of hack repairs need to be exposed so when we do let’s make sure everything is 100% fact based.

Pack Brothers Video on DRP Auto Body Repair