Auto Insurance Services

Customer Service

Number one on our list of business services is the professionalism and courtesy we deliver to you, our customers. We appreciate each of you for making Alan’s Collision your number-one choice for auto body repair services. We welcome your questions throughout the repair process, and we communicate thoroughly until your vehicle is complete.

  • Estimating. No work begins on any vehicle without a computerized professional estimate. With that in hand, we review the estimate with you and discuss the step-by-step process of repairing your vehicle. We use CCC estimating, the number-one industry service.

Auto Insurance Services And Claims

When you prefer not to manage your insurance claim directly, we will do it for you and remove that headache. Alan’s Collision Center expert staff will coordinate directly with the insurance company and communicate with you about progress of your vehicle repair. In fact, Alan’s Collision Center recently launched a re-inspection program to help ensure your vehicle was repaired correctly by other auto body repair shops.

High-Deductible Claims

Automobile and truck owners pay a lot in insurance premiums, and with higher deductibles insurance premiums are lower. When there’s an accident, however, your car gets damaged regardless of the policy you hold. We want to know about the type of policy you have so we can take every consideration to do the highest-quality work in the most cost-effective manner.

OEM Parts

We try, when the insurance policy permits, to use original parts from the manufacturer. That’s what ‘OEM’ means. Not every policy or auto body repair permits the use of OEM parts. We investigate this aspect of collision repair first and let you know what to expect.

Cash/Out-of-Pocket Jobs

When your accident repair will not be submitted as an insurance claim, Alan’s Collision treats your situation with special consideration. After our analysis of the collision repair you need, we will explore ways to cut repair costs with your up-front agreement, and we will consider a reduction in pricing based on full review of the entire job. There is no cookie cutter here; each job is a case-by-case basis.

Digital Photography

When you request a digital record of your collision repair, we will shoot images and email them to you for your records. If your insurance company requires sequential repair photography, we will work with them directly to ensure your claim is managed appropriately.

Car Rental

Enterprise Car Rental has an office nearby Alan’s Collision. For customers who don’t have rental car included in their insurance policy, we can make a phone call to Enterprise and request a lower price based on how many days we need your vehicle.


Our partnership with Glenn’s Towing is a 24-hour service with a flat-bed tow truck. Glenn’s Towing brings your vehicle direct to Alan’s Collision, and if it’s on the weekend, evening or holiday, we’ll know about it the next business day.