Alan’s Collision Center Announces Auto Body Post Repair Inspection Program

On June 3, 2015, Alan’s Collision Center, NE Philadelphia, announced a new auto body post repair inspection program to improve safety and reduce risk of poor collision repair for vehicle owners.

As more and more auto body shops are getting squeezed with the increasing cost of repair equipment, tools, and labor, the vehicle owner may be getting sub-standard collision repair with use of salvaged parts and other short cuts.

The Alan’s Collision Center auto body post repair inspection program is simple in its concept. Drivers who sought and received collision repair would never know the quality of the auto body repair work. For those vehicle owners who want peace of mind, the Alan’s Collision Center post repair inspection program checks the quality of the collision repair and ensures drivers their vehicle is safe.

“Quality auto body repair businesses are in high demand and short supply in Philadelphia,” said Jim Pfau, general manager of Alan’s Collision, NE Philadelphia. “Alan’s Collision has been around since 1975, and we deliver high-quality auto body repair craftsmanship for every vehicle we service. Our business invests in industry training and advanced repair equipment. Our goal is a satisfied customer every time.”

How Auto Body Post-Repair Inspection Works

  • A driver takes his/her vehicle to a seemingly reputable auto body shop for repair.
  • The collision repair is complete and to the naked eye all looks good.
  • The driver brings the recently repaired vehicle to Alan’s Collision Center where an auto body professional will conduct a thorough visual review of the vehicle at no charge.
  • If the inspection requires dismantling of some features of the vehicle, that’s when an estimate will be written explaining the process and costs.
  • If the vehicle was repaired poorly, and Alan’s Collision Center professionals can spot the sub-standard repair from a visual inspection, the vehicle owner will need to re-open the claim with the insurance company using the inspection report as proof that a sub-standard repair job was conducted.
  • Alan’s Collision Center can either step away or assist the vehicle owner with negotiations and quality collision repair services.

“The process of having your car fixed right starts when you drop it off,” said Aaron Schulenburg, executive director of the Society of Collision Repair Specialists in an Edmunds blog post from 2011.“Be clear on what the shop is going to fix and how it will do the repair. Get everything in writing. Ask about the shop’s warranty on its work. When you return, review the paperwork to confirm that the shop did the repairs correctly. A reputable repair facility will go through everything with you, walk you through all the steps they took. Good shops will even touch up bolts under the hood that have been scratched while being repaired.”

About Alan’s Collision Center

Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia holds the I-CAR Gold certificate indicating its team of auto body repair technicians is trained in the most advanced industry standards for collision repair. The auto body business also works with Assured Performance and has received certificates to repair a variety of manufacturers’ vehicles.