Crooks And Scammers Infect Google Reviews

Alan’s Collision Center is an upstanding auto body repair service in NE Philadelphia. It earns four- and five-star ratings on Google Reviews, and is proud of its reputation among its customers since 1975.

Yet, crooks and scammers have infected its Google Reviews. There’s one evil guy who uses ‘Jordan Sparks’ and ‘Steve Sillman’ to write and post one-star reviews on businesses in and around Philadelphia. When we looked at this guy’s history, we noticed:

1. He wrote similar reviews for apartment complexes, fast-food restaurants, other auto body repair businesses, and more.
2. He gave them all one star.
3. Perhaps he was a customer and perhaps not.

Essentially, this guy is evil, has too much time on his hands, and is a troll who wants to ruin the solid reputation of a business he is unfamiliar with.

That’s what happened to Alan’s Collision Center.

Crooks And Scammers Hurt Google Reviews

But this guy is not a customer nor has he been. He’s not been inside Alan’s Collision’s business, nor has he called our collision center to talk with Jim Pfau, general manager; Dennis Winokur, co-owner; or, Scott Perloff, estimating manager. No one knew this scammer until he decided to ruin the reputation of Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philly.

We’re calling him a crook because he’s purposefully trying to steal our brand reputation on Google Reviews.

Do you know how challenging it is to get customers to leave a review online for services they received from a business? It’s not correct to ask for a five-star review, but it is OK to ask for one. With that guy, Sparks? We didn’t know him and he was never a customer, so how could he erroneously leave a one-star review?

We asked Google to remove his review and rating; yet, we’re not sure Google will comply. Trolls do this all the time to businesses, and that’s why we’re posting this article to share this:

Alan’s Collision Center is a high-quality, customer-oriented auto body repair business in NE Philadelphia. It is the only certified Mercedes-Benz collision repair center in Philadelphia, and invests lots of money in the latest equipment and training technicians in auto body repair.

If a customer wishes to determine the reputation of Alan’s Collision Center, and they see that review (if Google doesn’t remove it), please contact our business! We are available at 215-677-7773, and you can ask us directly why this (crook and scammer) left that review. Jim Pfau, our general manager, will be truthful with you and share that that person was never a customer of Alan’s Collision Center.

We respect our customers, and we appreciate all Google Reviews. If you had a good experience with our business, please leave one. If you had a poor experience with our business, you may leave one, too, or better yet, we invite you to call us and work it out. We are here every day, every week.