Penn. HB 1638 Allows Photo Estimating Auto Collisions

Alan’s Collision Center, NE Philadelphia, is not in the business of sending auto body repair estimates to customers via email or over the phone. Some insurance companies, like Allstate, are welcoming photo estimating from policyholders who need auto body repair.

In the graphic, the story shares the news about Pennsylvania House Bill 1638 which is allegedly going to vote this week. HB 1638 allows insurance industry to underpay someone’s loss based on the photos taken.

Penn. HB 1638 Photo Estimating Your Vehicle

Imagine your own photography of your damaged vehicle. If a wheel is smashed in and bent, can your camera capture the damage inside? When you take an image of a bent fender, do you know about the damage behind the busted fender? Right. You can’t see it because you are not a professional, and you’re merely complying with the insurance company to send photos to them so they can assess and guess the cost of the damage without looking at  your vehicle.

When you get your check, this time it is for $899 and change, and you take that check to an auto body repair business like Alan’s Collision Center, NE Philadelphia, that’s when the true assessment and estimate occur.

The estimators and technicians look at the vehicle, remove the damaged parts, deliver an estimate to the insurance company, wait for the insurance company appraiser to come to the auto body repair shop and agree with the estimate and then receive a supplement check from the insurance company to do the work and make the vehicle safe and repair it back to its original condition before the crash.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Literally, what’s wrong with this ‘picture?’ When you take pictures of your collision and send them to the insurance company and the insurance company sends you a check THAT YOU DON’T USE TO REPAIR YOUR VEHICLE…AND you get in another collision, then you are liable in your own loss because you took the pictures.

HB 1638 allows insurance industry to short pay your loss and shift the liability to you because of the photos you take.

We want the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to vote NO on HB 1638 because it is safer for the State of Pennsylvania and the motoring public.