Alan’s Collision Center Repairs Aluminum Ford F-150

Any Ford F-150 owner buying a new truck in the last several years should know that this truck is now aluminum.

What that means for vehicle owners is additional research. As a driver of an aluminum Ford F-150, you need to know the following:

  • Repairs. — What has changed over non-aluminum repair of the F-150? Is the labor extensive, and how much will this cost?
  • Qualified Auto Body Service. — Not every collision repair center is equipped or expert in the repair of the aluminum Ford F-150. You need to scope out the auto body repair businesses in your area in advance of needing their services.

Aluminum Ford F-150 Repair Considerations

When you seek auto body repair services, you need to understand this:

  • Equipment standards — does this shop have the specialized equipment that an aluminum Ford F-150 requires? The investment in getting up to par to repair these vehicles is not cheap. You need to ask about the clean room, the special hand tools and the welders, for example.
  • Training — Has the auto body repair team been trained by I-CAR, the industry standard, to put your F-150 back on the road in excellent condition?
  • Number of Vehicles — Soon, the quantity of aluminum Ford F-150 trucks repaired will not make a difference; however, in these early stages, it is an important question to ask. As an owner of this truck, you should inquire of the general manager of the auto body repair shop (in this case, ask Jim Pfau of Alan’s Collision in NE Philadelphia) how many F-150 trucks his team has repaired.

When the auto body repair team is just starting out with aluminum F-150s, it is OK to ask about training, consultation and other guidance the team received to become knowledgeable. This is a team effort and don’t let the collision center tell you otherwise.

Alan’s Collision Center Aluminum Ford F-150

Alan’s Collision Center, NE Philadelphia, recently repaired its first aluminum F-150. Here is a really good video created by Jim Pfau, general manager of Alan’s Collision Center, showing the extreme damage of this aluminum F-150 truck.