Black Friday Drivers’ Safety Tips to Avoid Collisions

It’s Black Friday, and Alan’s Collision is offering Black Friday drivers’ safety tips. There will be everyone out in droves like a treasure hunt seeking the best deals with all the confusing markdowns with coupons sent weeks ahead by email and snail mail.

Those deals are enough to encourage grandma, aunt, sister, mom, and daughter to hit the parking lots of shopping malls and make entrances and parking garages a zoo of congestion. What’s more, Philadelphia temperatures on Thanksgiving and Black Friday are expected to be in the ‘60s! That means even more vehicles will be out for a jaunt on the biggest shopping day of the year.

A story we found in Yahoo! Auto says there are about “60 to 70 million shoppers at the local mall trolling for bargains.” And, you better believe it! All of those cars, probably with 2.5 people in each, need to find a parking spot. Guess who’s not going to give up that tight squeeze without a fight and fender bender? You can bet there are more parking lot accidents due to Black Friday drivers than on other days.

In the Yahoo! article, “Progressive Insurance examined its data and discovered that from 2010 to 2011 the number of claims on Black Friday doubled and parking lot claims rose 36 percent. Rear-end accidents made up 12.5 percent of claims, while 11.1 percent involved a parked car being hit.” Makes sense.

Black Friday Drivers’ Safety Tips

1. Drop off grandma and the kids at the front door of the mall
2. Watch for pedestrians crossing from the mall in front of your vehicle
3. Know that everyone else is going to drop off and pick up in front of the mall, too.
4. Drive extra slowly through the pedestrian walkway in front of the shopping center.
5. Park FAR away from the congestion!
6. If there are no parking spaces, then you will need to idle in a row until you spot some brake lights; however, there will be at least two other vehicles doing the same!
7. Have patience because Black Friday drivers have to!
8. No distracted driving! Do not take a picture of someone who parks like a jerk while you’re driving. Do not text and drive. Leave the ringing cell phone alone while you park or back up; they can wait!
9. If you do happen to get into a fender bender, then exchange the necessary paperwork with insurance companies, name, phone number, and address. Wait for the police to come and file a police report because you’ll need that for your insurance claim.
10. If you need a tow to an auto body repair service, consider Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia. On Black Friday, we’ll be standing by to welcome you and take care of your collision.

Regardless of whether Black Friday drivers control the roadways, every day is drivers’ safety tips day. Be careful on the streets, drivers, and have yourself a wonderful Thanksgiving (from Alan’s Collision Center)!