Pope Francis And Auto Body Repair NE Philadelphia

You’re right. The Pope’s visit to the City of Brotherly Love likely has nothing to do with auto body repair NE Philadelphia; however, because Pope Francis is scheduled to attend and lead mass during the World Meeting of Families the final weekend of Sept. 22 – 27, 2015, that is relevant. He’s coming to Philadelphia, and we want to welcome him with open arms. We also want to suggest that the drivers of his Popemobile don’t get into any fender benders that may require auto body repair while in Philadelphia! (LOL, I know, this is a really zany blog post.)

The Pope doesn’t even drive a vehicle, but there will be hundreds of vehicles in his entourage when he tours through Philadelphia down Benjamin Franklin Parkway, a main thoroughfare of Philadelphia. The pontiff will also visit New York on his first papal visit to the U.S.

The route looks to cut through midtown Philadelphia, and it’s highly likely that Alan’s Collision in NE Philadelphia will be business as usual. There may be additional traffic from drivers avoiding street closures for the papal visit, or folks just may consider getting out of the city totally to avoid the congestion and any auto body repair needs that week.

The Popemobile

Remember when Pope John Paul II came to the U.S. and he debuted a new Popemobile? Well, Pope Francis is no different. He will be traveling in the recently unveiled Popemobile, called a ‘Jeepney’ announced by Auto Industry News for his visit to the Phillippines.
Big auto manufacturers like Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz have had a hand in designing previous Popemobiles. In 2014, Pope Francis announced he would ditch the bulletproof glass in his Popemobile, stating, “At my age, I don’t have much to lose.”

The route down Benjamin Franklin Parkway and elsewhere through the city is not shared but a list has just come out for street closings, so people can guess where Pope Francis will make an appearance.

There are likely to be fender benders in Philadelphia during the Pope’s visit, but perhaps these auto accidents will occur elsewhere in the city such as in NE Philadelphia. That’s the location of Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia.

Alan’s Collision Does Auto Body Repair NE Philadelphia

Since 1975, Alan’s Collision Center has been located in NE Philadelphia. Its team is I-CAR Gold trained in the repair of collisions. The management invests in employees’ training so each delivers the best in welding, painting, finishing, framing and other body work. As the only Mercedes-Benz certified collision repair shop in Philadelphia, Alan’s Collision Center knows how to repair all vehicles that need repair after an accident.
When you call for a tow from the scene of an accident, you can reach Glenn’s Towing 24/7 and that includes nights and weekends. Alan’s Collision Center is available for a phone call during the week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Story Conclusion

So, the conclusion to this blog post is this:

Pope Francis and Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia have nothing in common except Philadelphia…for a few days. The Pope will not need auto body repair for his Popemobile while he’s in Philadelphia, nor will Alan’s Collision Center get a chance to repair it should there be a need. Auto body repair in NE Philadelphia will not intersect with the Pope’s visit, no matter which collision repair center is in the vicinity. The only true reason we even wrote a blog post about the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia is because Pope Francis is visiting Philadelphia, and that’s a really big deal. We wanted to go on record to welcome Pope Francis to our really wonderful city.

Welcome Pope Francis!