My First Auto Accident

Have you ever been in an auto accident? It happens so fast, you don’t know what hit you, literally.

It was an icky Friday evening with drizzle, and I was driving my two-month old 2015 Toyota Highlander on a one-lane roadway. I began to execute a left turn into the meridian to turn back northbound, when a pizza delivery driver struck my vehicle.

He was driving a much smaller Saturn, and the impact spun me around so I was facing the opposite direction. My left rear tire blew and bent inward, and the driver’s side panel was dented. The car was completely un-driveable.

Inside, the story was a bit different.

My First Auto Accident

As the car was spinning, I heard a boom. The airbag deployed on my head. It was the driver’s side airbag. I suffered a mild concussion as a result. Had it not deployed, my head would have likely smashed into the window with whiplash to my neck.

Dazed and confused, I got out of my car to check the damage. The other driver was uninjured, and he called to report the accident. The police showed up, the tow truck was called, and I had to choose where to send my vehicle.
Which Auto Body Repair Service Should You Choose

ALT="Alans Collision, Screen Shot of 5-Star Rating" My first auto accident did not occur near Alan’s Collision in NE Philadelphia. Sadly. I wish it had as I would’ve immediately known to call Glenn’s Towing after hours and have my vehicle towed to Alan’s Collision Center on 601 Red Lion Road in Philadelphia.

Regardless of where an auto accident occurs, it’s important to have the following in your dashboard compartment. (Do you still call that a ‘glove box?’ because that’s the term I use from way back in the day!)

1. Driver’s license should be on your person at all times (in your purse, or wallet)
2. Confirmation of insurance. If you have two vehicles covered under one insurance policy, make sure you make a copy of the insurance agent and company information and add it to the second vehicle. YOU WILL NEED THIS.
3. You do NOT need your vehicle registration. The officer informed me that that was ‘Hollywood!’ But, it’s a good time to check and see that the information is there.
4. Information on roadside assistance – either AAA, your Toyota Roadside Assistance, or the towing service associated to the collision center you choose.

Here’s what’s really the case in an auto accident. No one can think clearly. Some people are carted away in an ambulance. I was extremely fortunate, and the residual effects are few for me – probably more psychological than anything.

Here are my words of wisdom:

• Put a tow truck number in your glove box.
• Put a collision center you’ve previously researched in your glove box.
• Put your insurance agent’s number and 800 number in your glove box.
• Put confirmation of insurance in your glove box, too.
• Put all of these in one nice little packet in a red envelope so you can find it.

Auto accidents are no fun, but managing auto accidents are worse. Stay tuned for the next installment of what happens in my first auto accident.