Managing My First Auto Accident

Managing my first auto accident was a challenge because the airbag exploded on my head. I had a concussion and should have gone to the hospital from the scene. Let me backtrack. In my first auto accident, there were many teachable moments, and this series is about sharing these moments to help you in the event a collision occurs in your family.

I was driving my brand new (two-months old) 2015 Toyota Highlander southbound with my 13-year-old in the passenger seat. The posted speed was 35 mph on a wide, single lane city street with a meridian dividing northbound traffic.I decided to swing a u-turn and began to execute the turn but never made it into the meridian. From behind a speeding Papa John’s pizza delivery driver careened into the driver’s side rear tire and spun me into a doughnut with damages to the left side panel.

As we were spinning, I heard a loud bang and when I ‘came to’ in a complete stop facing the opposite direction and angled northwest, my head was utterly in pain. The airbag on the driver’s side exploded on my head, and there were stickers everywhere. In fact, I thought my head was bleeding, but it was small particles of stickers from the airbag that had landed on top of my head and clothing, sticky side down.

Managing My First Auto Accident

When the vehicle stopped spinning, my child was screaming, “Mommy, mommy!” She was perfect; nothing had happened to her. Because of her, I stayed strong when I truly wanted to pass out from the pain in my head. The officer arrived on the scene after the pizza deliver driver called 9-1-1. I did not go to the hospital in an ambulance.

My concern was for my insurance. As a self-employed business owner, my family deductible is $5,500. As I was able to communicate, get out of the car, and talk on the phone, I waited for my parents and friends to show up. I had a concussion, however, that I knew.

In the spitting rain, the police man handed both drivers paperwork. One was the statement about what had happened to provoke the accident, and the other was the driver identity and contact information. I had forgotten my phone at home, so my daughter was in charge of calling a few people to help us. She also helped me read the words on the page and read and record my driver’s license number.

The police man asked me for my license and proof of insurance. When I produced my registration, too, he laughed and said ‘that was just Hollywood and not necessary.’

At the same time, I needed to call my insurance agent. When I did, the recording was too long and i couldn’t understand which button to press so i hung up and called my insurance company. I was on hold for what seemed like 15 minutes, but who knows when your head is spinning? I was able to inform Cincinnati Insurance what had happened and she gave me a temporary claim number.

The officer strolled over and asked if I had called a towing service. I had forgotten! I asked the insurance company if they could send a tow truck, and apparently, that was not their responsibility. The officer volunteered to call Sandy’s Towing for me (as I was in Dayton, Ohio), and I gladly accepted the help.

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I wish my accident had happened in NE Philadelphia as I would’ve known where to have my car towed.

On the scene of an accident with a concussion and a 13-year-old who was the adult managing the entire accident, my ability to comprehend where to have my car towed was a complete mystery to me. And, that’s the topic for another blog post.

Managing my first auto accident was not complete after my parents drove me home and my car was towed away. There were so many more details, and I will share them. Here’s one tip I can offer, though.

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