How to Pick An Auto Body Repair Shop

So, it’s come to this: It’s time to fix your car.

Maybe you finally want to get that dent in your side panel repaired, or you need someone to take a look at your shaky suspension. Perhaps, unfortunately, you’ve just been in an accident. Either way, you need to pick the right non-DRP auto body repair business.

But which one should you choose?

Choosing the best body shop for your car shouldn’t be a guessing game. The way we see it, there are four things you must do before selecting a collision repair center. Follow our fool-proof method and you’ll make the right choice for your car.

Picking An Auto Body Shop: The 4 Things to Consider

Here’s what you need to examine:

  • Research
  • Accreditation
  • Customer Reviews
  • Firsthand Experience

#1: Research the Basics of Auto Body Shops

Not all auto body repair centers are made the same. First look at the basics of each shop:

  • Is it part of a Direct Repair Program (DRP) or not? Alan’s Collision Center is a non-DRP auto body repair business.
  • Does it use aftermarket parts, or only Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts?
  • Is the shop proficient in repairing your specific make and model of car?

Spend some time figuring out some key differences in auto repair garages.

#2: Go Beyond Street Cred, Look at Accreditation

You should have whittled down that long Google search list after answering those three questions. Now look into the remaining shops’ credentials.

It’s probably no surprise that the more accredited the auto body shop, the more likely the shop is to have the expertise to fix your vehicle
Alan's Collision Center is I-CAR Gold Certified. We recommend a shop with I-CAR® Gold Class™ certification. I-CAR, the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, is an industry consortium committed to safe and quality car repair. Alan’s Collision is I-CAR Gold Certified.The Gold certification ensures an auto body shop meets the highest standards in operations, quality control, and human resources.

We also recommend looking for a Blue Seal Recognized Shop from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The Blue Seal means you will receive excellent customer service from expert technicians.

#3: What are Other Auto Shop Customers Saying?

Despite what you may have heard, word of mouth is not dead.

Conversely, your great-uncle may still rave about the shop who fixed his Datsun in 1986…but that may not be the best advice, either.

Take a look at:

Don’t let just one review sway your decision. You want to check reviews for themes, and also see how the shop has fared over time.

#4: Visit The Shop (And Bring Some Questions)

There’s only so much research you do from your laptop or phone. At some point, stop by the remaining auto body repair shops on your list and check them out yourself.

Bring questions! When you visit Alan’s Collision Center, please ask for Jim Pfau, general manager.

Questions To Ask Auto Body Repair Shops

  • What warranties do you offer?
  • Which tools do you have on hand?
  • Which parts will you need for my particular car repair?
  • How much experience do your technicians have with my type of car?
  • Don’t hesitate to ask about cost, either.

Choose Non-DRP Auto Body Repair with Confidence

You’ve researched types of car repair shops, their credentials and customer reviews. You’ve visited the shop. Congratulations, you’re ready to select a reliable collision center!

We’d be remiss if we didn’t try to help you pick Alan’s Collision Center, an auto body repair shop in NE Philadelphia.

Here is more about why choose Alan’s Collision as well as what our customers say.