No Aftermarket Auto Body Parts Recommended

Anyone who experiences an auto collision requires auto body repair at a collision repair facility. Alan’s Collision is an I-CAR Gold Certified auto body shop in Northeast Philadelphia.

At Alan’s Collision we always prefer to use OEM body parts. No aftermarket body parts are recommended in this collision repair center. We prefer OEM body parts. These are originally manufactured in factory by Honda Motors, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, etc.

Some insurance policies have fine print that states aftermarket body parts are acceptable. This is where vehicle owners need to use caution.

Understand your insurance policy and ensure that you are covered for installation of OEM auto body parts.

Crooked Shops May Use Aftermarket Auto Body Parts

The integrity of the auto body part is critical to the safety of your vehicle after it is repaired.

There are various exterior auto body parts that protect the structural safety of the vehicle. Honda Motors uses crash tests to test the integrity of its bumpers. Any change to a bumper as an aftermarket auto body part can make a critical difference in the future safety of the vehicle.

Honda Motors Explains Aftermarket Auto Body Parts

In this video, you’ll watch an excellent story about Honda vehicles and the importance of parts, quality and performance.

When aftermarket auto body parts are used, the difference in the part is unavoidable and unacceptable. Watch!