American Honda Joins Alan’s Collision Center Certifications List

American Honda is manufacturer for Honda and Acura vehicles. Alan’s Collision Center recently completed a rigorous evaluation to become approved for certification by American Honda to repair all Honda and Acura vehicles.

American Honda Is An OEM

When you look at the list of certifications on our website, you’ll see that American Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Toyota, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, Hyundai, Nissan, and others are OEM, which means ‘original equipment manufacturers.’ These are the companies that manufacture vehicles from start to finish.

These are the companies from which Alan’s Collision Center tries to get original parts for auto body repair. That is always a bone of contention between insurance companies and collision centers — whether the policyholder will get original or salvage parts put on his or her vehicle.

Certifications in Collision Repair

When you choose auto body repair, you want to understand whether that business is certified in collision repair for OEMs like American Honda, for example.

If you drive a Honda or Acura, then you want to find a collision repair center that meets all the requirements of that OEM for repair of that brand of vehicle. This is a big deal! You should never take your vehicle to an auto body repair business that isn’t up to speed on the repair requirements of that particular vehicle manufacturer.

Granted, there are a variety of cases for common collision repair that don’t require certified specialists.

Because vehicles today are being built with sensors throughout the vehicle, it is really important to ensure that you’ve chosen a top-quality collision center for repair of your American Honda or other brand.

Choose Alan’s Collision for your auto body repair. Each of the technicians is trained for exact repair to specification, and that’s why Alan’s Collision is certified for repair of American Honda or Acura.