Takata Airbag Consumer Information Is Must Read

Takata airbag recall continues to be in the news, and I would be utterly remiss not to revisit the debacle after already writing about it here and here on this Alan’s Collision Center blog.

Each day over the last several weeks, there has been an update in the newspapers and online media I read. Today, in the Wall Street Journal, the story, “Recalls Grow in U.S. for Takata Air  Bags,” put me over the edge.

Apparently, in the last week, another 16 million vehicles were flagged in more recalls by seven vehicle manufacturers. The latest recalls are similar to those prior with risk of rupture and spraying of shrapnel. Vehicles are at higher risk as they age and when they are kept year-round in a hot and humid climate. Ammonium nitrate, the propellant used in air bags, is also prone to destabilize when submitted to prolonged moisture and heat.

If your vehicle is recalled and you live year round in a hot, humid climate, then your vehicle is being put at the front of the line.

Consumer Reports Takata Airbag Recall

In this article by  Consumer Reports, there is everything you need to know, literally.

I am truly impressed with the quality of this story in Consumer Reports. It lists every manufacturer, every model of vehicle, and whether the airbag is recalled on the passenger or driver’s side. It has a list of FAQ for consumers (you know, all the questions people ask) and answers, and it also does a really good job of lessening the fear that has been imparted on every driver who may or may not have a Takata airbag installed in his or her vehicle.

After you read this article, you’ll nearly exhale in relief. I didn’t know that a small number of vehicles being recalled have been involved in incidents spraying shrapnel, etc.

So, please do read this, and if you don’t prefer to read, then watch this video from Consumer Reports.

So, the moral to the story, always, is to be informed. Get up to speed on whether your vehicle is being recalled. Take swift action is you live in a hot, humid climate year round, and put people in the backseat if the passenger airbag is subject to recall. And, by the way? How is Takata even in business through this entire mess? Bizarre.