Find Collision Centers Prior to Road Trip

Find collision centers in advance of your summer road trip; in fact, find one collision center in each city on your travel route.

That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? Who considers they will get in an accident while on a summer road trip with the family? No one, because that’s not how we think.

No one likes to dwell on the what if, unless, of course, you have a tween or teenager in your family like I do.

On a Summer Road Trip

Kidlet and I just returned from our nine-day road trip through Hershey, PA to Philadelphia and then down to Washington, D.C. and Arlington, Virginia. It wasn’t until we reached the outskirts of Philadelphia that we encountered bumper to bumper traffic heading east on I-70. Apparently, there was a nine-car pile up on the opposite side. The road was closed; there were nine ambulances and a fatality; a semi-trailer was being towed off the road, and every other vehicle needed a tow, too. No question, several collision centers were needed to manage this accident.

Once we crept by the disaster with everyone rubber necking from the opposite side of the expressway, I got to thinking about that pile up. Because I work closely with Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia, and also because I was in my first auto accident last September, I was sorrowful for the families of the victims in those vehicles. I also wondered whether any children were hurt or whether a parent got raced away by ambulance while a child looked on with another parent.

Do you know what happens to the personal belongings like luggage and pillows and cell phones and purses if a solo driver has to be taken to a nearby hospital?

According to Alan’s Collision Center:

  • In a big city like Philadelphia, if a driver is taken away by ambulance, the vehicle is towed to a police impound lot.
  • In a smaller municipality that doesn’t have a police-owned impound lot, then the police dictate on rotation where the car is towed and to which collision center.
  • The owner of the vehicle needs to go to the lot, sign paperwork, show valid identification and pay any fees. If the vehicle is not drivable, then the owner calls a tow truck and tells the driver to take the car to a designated collision center.
  • Whether in a small or large city, the belongings in a vehicle should stay inside the vehicle. There should be no theft, and Alan’s Collision has rarely had theft of belongings from within a damaged vehicle.

Vet Your Collision Centers Early

When you think about it, it really is important to select your collision center in advance of the time you would ever need one. No one can determine when there will be an accident or not. If you’re unsure which auto body repair business to have your vehicle hauled to, then you will have a hard time on the scene of an accident making that decision.

I have toured Alan’s Collision’s operations and yard and office. When you see the caliber of the team who work there (twin brothers have never worked anywhere else their entire career — about 35 years), you know that this auto body repair business delivers high quality service.

So, if you’re in Philadelphia, especially in NE Philadelphia, do give Jim or Scott a shout and they will inform you about the services they have been offering in auto body repair since 1975. Better yet, take a gander around this website, and you’ll get a good idea, too!