Schedule Auto Body Repair Every Six Months

Schedule auto body repair every six months, just like going to the dentist! Here’s something to think about:

How many vehicles do you and your family own? The average Philadelphia family owns 4.9 vehicles per 10 adults according to Census Bureau 2010-2013, American Community Survey, ‘Governing.’

The age of each of these vehicles on average,  is especially fascinating. Did you know people are keeping vehicles 11.5 years, due to better quality, AND ALSO buying new cars, too, at the highest rates since post Depression?

I’ve been told by both General Manager Jim Pfau and Co-owner Dennis Winokur of Alan’s Collision Center that about every seven years an accident happens. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have been driving a lot longer than that without a traffic accident, you are in the minority. You can read about my first accident right here, and also read about how I managed the entire experience (wasn’t pretty).

Why Schedule Auto Body Repair Every 6 Months?

You know when you’re at the dentist after a cleaning, and you’re paying the bill? The receptionist asks you to schedule your next appointment six months out, and you do, because everyone knows how hard it is to get a dentist appointment when you want one.

There are a variety of reasons why you should actually consider auto body repair like a regular occurrence:

1. You want to maintain the life of your vehicle! This is simple. Auto body repair is also like plastic surgery — you’re asking folks like Alan’s Collision Center to do a nip here and a tuck there with a paint job final finish to ensure your dings and cracks don’t rust out and make your bumper fall off.

2. You establish a relationship with an auto body repair business in advance of a crisis. I cannot stress this enough. There’s no worse time to select collision repair services than during the aftermath of an accident. You are not thinking straight; you may be in shock or have a concussion (like me). And, the police officer on the scene is pushing you to call a tow truck and the tow truck driver is pushing you to select an auto body repair business on the spot.

3. You ensure the quality of your vehicle with regular auto body repair so that when you want to put a ‘for sale’ sign in the window, you’ll get more leads than if you allowed your car to rust out or have dings from the hail storm.

4. Your rapport with the auto body repair business becomes solid, like building a relationship, but you also take it to another level. You know how you love your dentist or you find another? Same thing as an auto body repair shop; if you hate the work they did on your vehicle once, you’re never going back. With regularly scheduled appointments, you will soon see the high-quality services delivered by Alan’s Collision Center and want to keep coming back every four month.

Does this make any sense to you? Think about the items above as they relate to your family’s fleet of vehicles. Once everything begins to make logical sense, you’ll understand that you should schedule auto body repair on a consistent time table which is smart for your family’s budget!