The Hyundai Secret For Auto Body Repair

There’s a Hyundai secret you need to know about, and it’s not anything a Hyundai owner would truly know. That’s why Alan’s Collision Center wants to spread the news, courtesy of Repairer Driven News, an industry source we respect.

The Hyundai Secret

Did you know that Hyundai is the only original vehicle manufacturer without auto body repair guidelines available to U.S. auto body businesses?

This is a really big deal, and the industry influencers that cover such things are baffled as to why Hyundai has released auto body repair guidelines in other countries but not in the U.S.

Hyundai sold about 762,000 vehicles in the U.S. in 2015, according to Good Car Bad Car. That makes it number seven on the list in America for vehicles sold in this country.

Here’s another aspect of the Hyundai secret you need to understand:

  • If there are no OEM (original equipment manufacturer) guidelines for auto body repair of Hyundai vehicles, how can anyone be sure his or her vehicle is being repaired to best-practice standards and OEM guidelines?

Exactly! You can’t.

Well, there is one way, and it’s up to the collision center to do the right thing over guesswork. I-CAR is the organization that teaches industry best practices for increasingly advanced collision repair.

Hyundai, like other vehicles in the modern manufacturing era, is developing highly advanced vehicles with advanced technology. If an excellent auto body repair business the likes of Alan’s Collision Center is on top of its game, the technicians can call I-CAR for help, and the vehicle owner can rest assured his or her vehicle is being repaired to best-practice guidelines.

Understand I-CAR Gold Class Trained

Alan’s Collision Center invests top dollar to put its technicians through I-CAR training on an annual basis. In fact, Alan’s Collision holds a Gold Class training certificate from I-CAR. That means when you bring your vehicle to Alan’s Collision Center for auto body repair, the technicians who work to make your vehicle whole again are trained by the leading industry resource in the business.

That also means that the auto body shop can call on a qualified industry resource that can assist in a challenging repair job.

Back to the Hyundai Secret

According to the April 18, 2016 article in Repairer Driven News, “I-CAR surveyed 34 OEMs for the 2016 matrix, a quick-reference chart indicating which automakers provide details on certain auto body topics or forbid certain actions (for example, using weld-through primer) during a repair. It also contains links to automakers’ technical information websites for easy shop access.”

An I-CAR representative who worked on the study said that Hyundai actually has OEM technical information for auto body repair, but has not released them in the U.S.

The crazy thing is, no one knows why.