Ask Collision Repair Businesses Three Questions

It’s been said that a collision repair business only completes auto body repair on vehicles every seven years. Whether you’ve been in an accident to date or not, it is a really good idea to vet the collision center of your choice BEFORE you need them.

Choose the Best Collision Repair Business

When you choose Alan’s Collision Center (because we know you will), then don’t forget to ask these three questions:

1. Do you have the repair standards for my vehicle?

This is really important because OEMs, or the original equipment manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, GM, and Honda, put out repair guidelines every year for new model vehicles. You want to know that the collision repair business you choose has the latest guidelines from the manufacturer to put your vehicle back into pre-accident condition.

We recently published a blog post right here that shared a ‘dirty little secret’ by Hyundai about this very issue. You can read that blog post here, and it’s fascinating that Hyundai isn’t playing nice in the sandbox with collision repair.

2. Are your technicians trained in the latest methods of how to repair my vehicle?

The automotive manufacturing industry strives to change vehicles to make the customer experience positive and to keep loyal customers returning for the newest vehicles. Not every auto body repair business trains its technicians in the latest repair guidelines from original equipment manufacturers. Unless you ask the question, you’re likely not to get the proper answer in return. Repair guidelines are instructions; everything getting repaired has a diagram to follow.

3. Is your collision center certified in repair of my vehicle?

Many auto body repair businesses get certifications from Assured Performance Network, and Alan’s Collision Center is no different. We work directly with this organization to ensure that we meet the rigorous guidelines of OEM repair standards. Our business is to make your vehicle whole again, and to return it back to its original condition prior to a collision. We want to work with a body that checks our work, certifies our business, and passes our technicians through testing (we are trained by I-CAR) so they complete auto body repair to 100 percent satisfaction.

Let Alan’s Collision Center be your number one choice in Philadelphia for auto body repair. You can find us at 215-677-7773 at 601 Red Lion Road in NE Philadelphia.