Alan’s Collision Owner To Debut 1956 Chrysler DeSoto

Bob Neisser, co-owner of Alan’s Collision Center in NE Philadelphia, is a vintage car enthusiast. He is set to debut his 1956 Chrysler DeSoto on July 30, 2016 at the Annual Moonlight Memories Car Show in Hatboro, Pennsylvania sponsored by the Hatboro Chamber of Commerce. The 500-car show is one of the most popular for vintage car enthusiasts in Pennsylvania and runs from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Chrysler first manufactured and introduced the DeSoto in model year 1929.

Bob acquired his second DeSoto in 2013. He loves the overall striking design of the DeSoto. For the last three years, he has been tinkering with the Desert Rose-colored vehicle to get it in top shape for the summer vintage car show season. When Bob has a good, finished car, he usually attends 10 car shows in the summer months.

Bob currently owns six vintage cars and has owned many over the years. His primary goal as a hobbyist is to drive the vintage cars he owns. He belongs to several vintage car clubs including the DeSoto and Chrysler Clubs as well as the Cadillac and Corvette Clubs in Pennsylvania.

The 1956 Chrysler DeSoto

His current Chrysler DeSoto was purchased at auction out West, and he had someone look at the vehicle to ensure its quality. They missed a handful of things in the inspection that meant a lengthier repair process. Bob began to repair the vehicle little by little, and then decided to pull the whole thing apart and start anew. He has a separate garage for his vintage vehicles, as the Alan’s Collision Center bays are always busy with customers’ auto body repair.

He rebuilt the engine, fixed the interior, added some components, and rebuilt the rest of the vehicle, doing everything himself and getting help lifting heavier parts of the vehicle.

When it came time to paint the body, Bob turned to Alan’s Collision Center to create the Desert Rose original paint. Alan’s Collision invested in a PPG paint system that enables recreation of nearly all vehicle colors on the market.

Everything Is For Sale

Bob also owned a 1960 Desoto, a two-tone green with white top. When he took it to a big car show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, that only allowed Chrysler vintage vehicles, a man approached him and asked, “Is that car for sale?”

Bob said, “Everything is for sale.”

The man took a few pictures and left. An hour or so later, the man returned and told Bob, “My friend in Brazil wants to buy your car.”

Bob got on the phone to Brazil, negotiated a price, received his money, had the car hauled to Miami whereby it was shipped on a boat to Brazil.

Usually, Bob owns his vintage cars about three years. Once they are completely reconditioned, Bob is ready to acquire another one. He surfs the Internet for good deals and vehicles of interest, and he’s always looking at car shows for something to catch his eye, too.

A 1979 Lincoln Mark V

In September 2015, Bob began his search for a 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V,  the largest member of the Lincoln (Ford) Mark series. By December, he was frustrated because he wasn’t getting any leads. When a 1990 Cadillac crossed his eye in December, he bought it. It was beautiful, required no auto body repair and filled the bill until Bob finally found his Lincoln Mark V, a giant car, in early July 2016.

He searched nearly 20 states and found the car in Washington. He hired a company that inspects vehicles, and learned it had 17,000 miles on it with the original documents included. He paid a reasonable price and had the car shipped to him. This picture is a similar vehicle to the one Bob purchased.

As a vintage car enthusiast, Bob will always acquire, retain or sell his beauties, and in the process he will give them tender loving care to recondition each to their former states of glory.