Alan’s Collision Center Says No Feet On Dashboard

The weather is changing,  and that means we’ll see the practice of bare feet on dashboard. Does your child, teenager and even adult in your family put feet on dashboard while you’re driving longer distances? Maybe they take off their soccer gear and stick their feet out the window to air out?

No matter.

Alan’s Collision Center is here to advise you, your kids, your neighbors, your partner, your parents, and anyone else sitting in the front passenger seat NOT to put feet on dashboard in a moving vehicle.

We took this video from Facebook from Car-Book’s post, and we want to share it with you.

No Feet On Dashboard Video

It doesn’t matter that this is a Ukrainian company; collisions are universal. There is not delineation between countries and drivers when it comes to accidents.

How many of you have already done something similar? I know I have! And it feels good to stretch your legs, recline the passenger seat and get a little comfort from a different position.

These crash-test dummies are videotaped for a reason — to teach us about vehicle safety inside and outside the car.

When you watch this video, you should wince a bit and then think of your family member who just put their feet on the dashboard the other day. That would be my daughter! As soon as she did it again just yesterday, I told her about the danger associated with hanging her feet out the window or putting them up on the dashboard. If the airbag were to deploy, then her little feet are going to hyper-extend backward.

So, the next time you’re driving a boatload of kids and teens around in the car and one of them plops the feet on the dashboard, tell them NO!

Alan’s Collision Center

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