Pokémon GO Tips For Soccer Moms

Pokémon GO and soccer moms have a distinct connection. Soccer moms have a lot of kids in the car every day in summer and in season.

Has Pokémon GO affected any of the following:

1. The speed you drive the car (my teen tells me, “Mom, go slower than 25 mph so I can catch this Pokemon!”) That’s all well and good in a 25 mph neighborhood when you’re all alone on the street, but…
2. Whether you suddenly crank the wheel to pull over because there’s a car behind you in a neighborhood where a new Pokémon is flying by.
2. The route you take home. My teen asks me to drive by Poke Stops in churches, libraries and schools so she can catch some new Pokémon.
3. Which other soccer moms are driving in the vicinity so kids can yell out the window. My teen says, “Look mom, there’s Annie, let’s pull over so we can catch Pokémon together!”
4. Your ability to locate your kid when it’s time to go. Invariably, my teen says, “Mom, I’m heading to the park to find Pokémon; see you later.”
5. Whether you see errant kids on wobbly bikes with their phones in one hand and one hand on the other handle bar (which is just like texting and driving).

I Am A Soccer Mom

Whether I like to admit this, or not, I am a soccer mom. My teen has been in soccer since she was 5-years-old, and now she’s trying out for the high school soccer team (this week, actually) as a keeper.

All of the above has happened to me, and I’m not fibbing!

I pick up more than one kid for practices and scrimmages and the whole car is glued to their phones attempting to catch someone flying by.

Pokémon GO and Auto Accidents

So, what does all this have to do with Alan’s Collision Center?

It shouldn’t be too hard to figure that out!

Take another look at the list above and then associate that kind of ridiculous driving with a possible traffic accident. Right? I’m not kidding!

I can’t be sure if Alan’s Collision Center NE Philadelphia has received a vehicle for auto body repair due to a Pokémon GO traffic accident. I do know, however, that a Pokémon GO player did get hit by a car crossing the street looking at his phone instead of watching for oncoming vehicles. Another DRIVER crashed into a parked car, left the scene, and when caught admitted he was playing Pokemon GO! 

Perhaps there will be an uptick in auto body repair due to Pokémon GO!

Once school starts in a few days, you can bet I won’t be allowing my daughter to influence my safe driving due to Pokémon GO. She’ll just need to walk and stay on the sidewalk without bumping into dog walkers and moms with strollers.

I already told her no to the bicycle excursion to catch Pokémon GO. I’m hoping her interest in this virtual reality app will wane before she gets her driver’s license. Gah!