Alan’s Collision Does Not Change Oil

Alan’s Collision Center does not change oil. Rather, it is an auto body repair business since 1975 in NE Philadelphia founded by two gentlemen who have always had a passion for tinkering and repairing vehicles. It runs in their blood just like it does for each of the people who work at Alan’s Collision Center.

That’s why you get a quality team of technicians and tradesmen who care about making your vehicle whole again after an auto accident. You can count on Alan’s Collision Center to fight for you, the customer.
Alan’s Collision Center cares about putting OEM parts back in your car. Those are the parts that are originally manufactured by the maker of your vehicle. Perhaps your insurance policy doesn’t allow OEM parts on an auto body repair and that becomes a point of contention between the insurance company, the collision repair center and you.

Alan’s Collision Center does the job right the first time. There is no poor quality when it comes to auto body repair. The team is trained to repair a vehicle to the same standards prior to the accident.
The business invests in professional training for its team, too. As a small business, Alan’s Collision Center spends $15,000 annually in training its employees on the best methodologies and techniques to repair a collision to your satisfaction on the inside and out.

No Oil Changes At Alan’s Collision

Some people think that an auto body repair facility will change the oil in your car. That is not a fact, and it’s a service that Alan’s Collision does not do. The mechanics that work on the ‘mechanics’ of the car do change oil, and this is what they do when someone wants an oil change:
The oil filter is always replaced when the old oil is drained from your vehicle.

You may have noticed that oil changes moved from 3,000 miles to 5,000 miles in the last several years. Some vehicles, like the BMW Mini Cooper only need oil changes every 10,000 miles.

Change Oil More Frequently

There are factors that may contribute to more frequent oil changes, and here are some:

  • If you’re a careless driver with jerky starts, lead foot and regular high-speed driving
  • Temperatures where you live are on the extreme side of hot or cold. Remember all the Takata air bag stories on this blog? The people in the South are more affected by the air bag explosions than others due to the heat and humidity.
  • Do you live in the country or try to go four wheeling? Lots of dirt-road driving isn’t helpful to engine lubrication (you can bet why, right?)
  • How old is your car, anyway? An old engine, just like an old body, needs more lubrication as the oil gets burned faster. Your joints begin to rub together when cartilage wears and tears. Happens to parts in an engine, too. Oil breaks down due to high operating temperatures and its effectiveness wears down, too.
  • If you haul heavy loads on a consistent basis, then your oil works harder and needs to be changed more often.

If you want Alan’s Collision Center to change your oil when your car is in for repairs, that’s a topic to take up with Jim Pfau, general manager. Meanwhile, you can take a look at this Car Talk article that goes deeper into oil changes.