Why Choose Independent Auto Body Repair

Auto body repair after collision should be done by an independent and high-quality collision repair business, like Alan’s Collision Center NE Philadelphia. This is called a non-direct repair program; a auto body repair business that is NOT affiliated with an insurance company.

Let’s say your vehicle is in an accident. People are always confused on the scene of an accident and thinking clearly about fixing a vehicle is not the first thought. But, demands at the scene of a crash require attention by a driver to make a decision about where the tow truck should haul the vehicle for auto body repair.

Choosing Auto Body Repair

  • You can choose auto body repair near me.
  • You can choose the closest collision center which may not be closest to your home.
  • You can let the tow truck driver make a suggestion (not a wise choice), or you can let the police officer choose for you.
  • You should select a collision center like Alan’s Collision that has been in business a long while. Alan’s Collision center has been in business in the same location since 1975.
  • An independent auto body shop is NOT associated with or a network member of an insurance company.

What is a DRP Program?

A DRP program is a direct repair program ‘owned’ by an insurance company. In this program, the auto body repair business makes a deal with the insurance company.

According to the Pennsylvania Collision Trade Guild, ‘Remanufactured and used parts being used are the norm. The cost of repairs may be the primary consideration at DRP shops, and quality or safety may no longer be a primary concern.”

There are other concerns often hidden to consumers, and it is really important to do your research and select an independent auto body repair business for your collision repair over a DRP shop. In fact, call Alan’s Collision and talk with Jim Pfau; he’ll share the proper information with facts about why choose independent auto body repair.